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Attorney German Castillo is a 1995 graduate of the South Texas College of Law, the most prominent and
recognized private law school in South Texas.  He graduated Cum Laude/Top 10% of his class.  He completed
Assistant Articles Editorship for South Texas Law Review with "honors." He was a Dean’s List in Spring of 93,
Fall of 93, Spring of 94, Fall of 94, and Spring of 95.  He was a member of “Order of the Lytae,”
an honorary fraternity in Patent Office Procedure.  He was member of the “Appellate Advocacy” (South Texas
Leroy Jeffers Competition).  He was placed into the Octi-Finals (from an original field of over 70 teams).  He
has "A" average in courses graded on legal research and writing ability.  Course work emphasized intellectual
property (patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret) and business litigation (antitrust, business torts, oil and
gas law, aerospace law, insurance).  He graduated top 10% of the class from the University of Houston with B.
S. in Mechanical Engineering degree in 1989.
State Bar of Texas since 1996 (All Courts of State of Texas and the Supreme Court of Texas)
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as a Patent Attorney since 2002
U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas
Attorney Castillo practices Intellectual Property dealing with patent, trademark, copyright, and more.  He also
Immigration Law focusing on all business, employment, and family-based immigration on both non-
immigrant and immigrant visas. He has hundreds of cases approved and granted by the U.S. Citizenship
Immigration Service.  His research and responses receive commendation from the Officers of the Texas
Service Center.
Prior to establishing his own law practice, Attorney Castillo worked in several law firms practicing Intellectual
Property and Immigration Law. Attorney Castillo also worked in the heart of the Silicon Valley area, in Palo
Alto California, practicing Intellectual Property/Patent Law with clients such as inventions for Polycom, 3COM,
Apple and Veritas dealt with software and network technologies.  While, inventions for clients like Read-Rite
dealt with the material science/crystallography of magnetic hardware.   Other inventions for smaller inventors
dealt with lower technology issues such as the construction of snow chains and foot apparel. Attorney Castillo
also worked for big companies such as Unisys, Chevron, United Space Alliance/NASA, and Lockheed Martin.  
His clients reside throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe.  He is fluent in spoken and written
Spanish and conversational in Tagalog/Pilipino.  
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Attorney Castillo is the official Immigration Advisor of Asian American Times, the first Asian American
Business Review largely circulated in Northern California and with copies also distributed in Southern
California, Hawaii, and the Midwest.  His monthly column on Immigration News and Updates in Asian
American Times has received numerous response from the community.  Attorney Castillo's articles are also
published in Law Digest, Pakistan Chronicle, and Indo-American News.
American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)
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