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German Castillo Law Office, P.C. handles all kinds of intellectual
property cases and immigration law.  
We serve clients throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe.   
The firm has professional, courteous, multilingual staff.
The firm represents clients engaged in information technology, real estate, hospitals,
medical and dental, financial, engineering , manufacturing, convenience and petroleum  retailing, retail
merchandising, transportation, health network, insurance, furniture,  education, telecommunications,
hospitality, restaurants, non-profit organizations, and  more.  
Our clients range from multinational corporations, to startups, to individuals
throughout the United States and abroad.

The reputation of our law firm has been earned through hard work and dedicated service
to our clients. We will do our best to make certain that our high standards are upheld in your cases.

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Intellectual Property

German Castillo Law Office, P.C. is headquartered in Sugar Land, TX,
20 minutes away from downtown Houston.  

Our office is located at
101 Southwestern Blvd., Suite 114, Sugar Land, TX 77478.  
Tel. (281) 231-9611
Fax. (281) 456-3960

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Business Hours:
9:00 a.m. -  5:00 p.m.  Mondays to Fridays

Experienced attorney with cutting-edge knowledge of the law.
We rely on the strength of the law to champion the
client's interest.
High level of professionalism,work ethics, honesty, and integrity.
Highest standards are upheld in your cases!
101 Southwestern Blvd., Suite 114, SUGAR LAND, TX 77478
TEL. (281) 231-9611; Fax (281) 456-3960 E-MAIL:
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