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“Attorney German Castillo and his Team provide excellent customer service.
Their speed and efficiency help us confidently meet deadlines and targets. I am also very his ability to
break them down into layman’s terms for us. He always makes it a point to give us very clear and
detailed information on any questions or concerns we may have. He has a proactive approach to finding
the right solution for each specific case. German and his team are focused on delivering results. It
makes perfect business sense to work with them.”
- S.B., Director of an I.T. Company, Texas, U.S.A. Corporate Client, 5/08/2007
95% of lawyers, especially immigration lawyers, don’t have. Most lawyers want  only your money. This attorney is
different. He guides you by the hand just to make sure you’re on the right path. Patience is a virtue that most lawyers
don’t have, but German does have. But the best part is that he knows more than most lawyers about immigration
law. And I am a party to that!”
-E.M., EB-5 Million Dollar Investment Visa client, California, U.S.A., 5/07/2007
German is a polite, knowledgeable, professional and confident immigration attorney that I have ever met. He is
strongly committed to fulfilling the expectations of his clients.
- R.S., EB1-2 client, Texas, U.S.A.
"German and his team are focused on
delivering results. It makes perfect
business sense to work with them.
German castillo has been my attorney for the past four years. During the period of time,
Mr. Castillo has always returned phone calls in a timely manner, is always on time for appointments, is diligent at
processing all paper works and keeps me informed of the status on all issues.  He always guides us in the correct
path and offers excellent suggestions when problems arise.   Mr. Castillo is knowledgeable, accurate, punctual and
friendly. When Mr. Castillo is unavailable, Mrs. Castillo keeps me informed on all matters.  They are always available
to assist me no matter how busy they are.  I have recommended Mr. Castillo to
several friends who thrilled to have an attorney such as German Castillo.
I really enjoy working with their team. I wish  good luck  for their future endeavor.
                                          -S.J., H1-B & PERM client, Houston, TX, U.S.A.
A year ago,  my husband had a dilemma regarding his H4 visa. We went to a lot of lawyers but they all turned us
down telling us that it was hopeless. Fortunately we found G Castillo Law Office. Not only were they friendly and
helpful, but they did their best to find a resolution to our concern. And they did. So I would like to take this
opportunity to express my deepest and sincerest gratitude. Your help was very much appreciated.
                               -J.M., H4 and PERM client, California, U.S.A., 5/10/2007
Thanks to you and German. It was purely German's expertise, knowledge of the rules, innovative skills and
confidence that turned almost impossible to possible. I shall remain always grateful to you two for that. My
wife and daughter join me in expressing our sincere gratitude.                                                                                         
V.K./N.V., EB1-3 Client, Houston, Texas, 9/24/2007
                                                - A. K., Legal Assistant, IT solutions company, Houston, TX U.S.A.
My experience with German Castillo law firm has been very good. I will always appreciate the professionalism and the high
standards of loyalty and duty which Mr. German Castillo brings to his work situation.  I deem it’s only fair for me to recount my
case to illustrate his deep understanding of immigration law and his ability to convince the USCIS about the validity of his
position.  When I came to him for help my H1-B visa had expired.  In fact, I has also exhausted my 6 years maximum limit.  He
studied my case and the U.S. Constitution from which he immediately identified that the prevalent INS regulation pertaining to
the H1-B was at variance with the spirit of the Constitution and the underlying basis of all law which is equity and fairness.  I
have taken recourse to other immigration lawyers before but I have yet to find one who possesses the deep understanding of
the philosophy which underpins immigration law and his fine insight.
     - M. R., Houston , TX U.S.A., 02/09/2009
The National Trademark
Expo is October 15 and 16
USPTO Launches Effort to
Incentivize Humanitarian
What is a patent?
What can and cannot be
Who may apply for patent?
What is a trademark?  
Why should I obtain a
What is a copyright?
How do I finance and/or
market my invention?
“Did You Know?”: With a
staff of 10,700 full-time
employees and an annual
budget of approximately
$2.6 billion, USCIS
processes six million
applications for immigration
benefits each year. This
makes USCIS the largest
immigration service in the
“Fast Track Not Always the
Wisest:” The Government
identified 184 aliens who
falsely received naturalized
United States citizenship
from one corrupt USCIS
supervisory adjudicator
ICE to Serve More Than 500
New Notices of Inspection
October 2010 Visa Bulletin
Do Not Be a Victim of
Immigration Fraud