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“Attorney German Castillo and his Team provide excellent customer service.
Their speed and efficiency help us confidently meet deadlines and targets. I am also very impressed with
German's understanding of complex legal issues and his ability to break them down into layman’s terms for us. He
always makes it a point to give us very clear and detailed information on any questions or concerns we may have.
He has a proactive approach to finding the right solution for each specific case. German and his team are focused
on delivering results. It makes perfect business sense to work with them.”
- S.B., Director of an I.T. Company, Texas, U.S.A. Corporate Client
IP Services we provide for individuals and small to big corporations:
  • Patent Application - U.S. & Global/International
      Design, Mechanical, Electrical-Mechanical, Electrical, Business Method,  Software, Internet
  • Provisional Patent
  • Patent Searches -U.S. & Global/International
  • Patent prosecution
  • Trademark Application - U.S. & Global/International
  • Trademark searches - U.S. & Global/International
  • Trademark prosecution
  • Copyright application
  • Licensing
  • Anti-trust
  • Trade Secret
  • Technical drawings & drafting
  • Cease & Desist
  • Office Actions
  • Statement of Use
  • Searches Opinion & Analysis Letter
  • Maintenance & Monitoring
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